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CAT 2016 Exam Analysis

Here is the detailed analysis of CAT 2016 Exam, which will give the answers to all your questions regarding expected percentile scores and difficulty level of EXAM.



Quantitative Aptitude

Logical Reasoning/ Data Interpretation

Verbal Aptitude

Quantitative Section Score And Percentile

LR/DI Score And Percentile

VA Score and Percentile

Overall Score And Percentile

Part 2 : General Analysis

• The general word that we have heard from our various students interacting with us after

coming out of the testing hall in the morning and afternoon session was that the CAT 2016

test paper was moderate barring the Verbal Ability and some questions in Quantitative


• It was a common agreement that Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning was not as

tough as was in CAT last year but was more lengthy and despite knowing how to solve, the

time did not permit to solve all of them.

• There was a 3% reduction in Non MCQ questions as compared to last year which may

have effected as there are no negative marking in Non MCQ section

• The total marking was also changed from 300 to 100 which means that every right

question had +1 and -0.33 marks assigned to it.

• The number of Type-in-the-answer questions in the Quantitative Aptitude section went

down drastically from 14 to 7 this year.

Part 3 : Overall Analysis

To conclude the overall analysis on the whole, this paper was relatively difficult as compared to the CAT 2015 paper.

•Though the VA/RC section was relatively easy, the Odd Para Jumbles and Para

Jumbles questions weren’t easy by any stretch.

•The QA and LR/DI sections were of moderate difficult and hence the cut-offs for

these will NOT go high.

"The intentions of B schools are pretty clear as they are desperately seeking to get diversity in the batch at the IIMs, which explains the emphasis on Arithmetic in the QA section."

We expect LR/DI to be more difficult in upcoming years, and Quantitative and Verbal Sections of moderate difficulty so that there is no unfair advantage to anyone.
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